Hello girls !

here is your 3d "friend" to spend a fahion-high season : the short !

you can even wear it for all seasons, all year round : as weel in summer as in winter !!!

in one word : a must !

and who cares how your legs look like ? 

with some great boots and/or panties (bold black or fantasy), this is no more a problem !

and with or without panties, it is very modern and young









in jeans, leather or tweed... with a (tee-)shirt, a sweat or a knitted pullover... with a jacket or under a coat... it's everywhere !

and for the most audacious girls (with perfect legs), it is even bright for the night as you can see :

537882_125519384281441_1255116693_n.jpg 393056_126534234179956_1128559013_n.jpg

so don't wait anymore longer and go go go : try it !


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